Sri Hambantota Port Project

Sri Lanka is located in the center of the Indian Ocean and has been known as the "crossroads of the east" since ancient times. It is an important international trade and oil transport corridor between Europe and Asia. Hambantota is located in the southernmost tip of South Asia and is a gateway to the Middle East, Europe and Africa to the mainland of east Asia.


The installer of the project is a joint venture between China Harbour Engineering Limited and China Hydropower Construction Group International Engineering Co., Ltd. During the construction of the Hambantota Port Project, the installer purchased from Caledonian BS 7211 standard fireproof cables, EN 50288-7 standard fire-retardant instrument cables, and IEC 60502-1/BS 7846 standard fire-resistant power & control cables, BS 6491X standard flame retardant power & control cables, IEC 60502-1 and BS 5467 standard flame retardant cables, etc.