The People's Palace Of Chad Project

Chad Ndjamena, capital of the people's palace is located in Chad covers an area of 100000 m2, building area of 17300 m2, and began in December 2010 the people's palace repair restoration project, The project was completed in March 2014. Upon completion, the People’s Palace contains a large hall to accommodate 1440 people, an international conference hall for 400 people, and a banquet hall for 400 people to dine at the same time. The people's palace is currently the venue for the major international and domestic conferences and exhibitions held by the government of Chad.


The people's palace night. The locals call it Palais du 15 Janvier.


Conference room for holding small and medium-sized international conferences.


The auditorium can accommodate 1,440 people.



President's reception room.

The People's Palace Of Chad project was built by Tianyuan Overseas Engineering Co., LTD. In 2012, Tianyuan established a subsidiary in Chad to officially start the installation of this project. For the project , Caledonian mainly provides the FFX200 05SZ1-F with BS 7629-1 standard and the FFX300 07MZ1-R indoor fireproof cable in accordance with IEC 60502-1 standard. The test requirements of fireproof cables meet three requirements: flame retardancy, low smoke, halogen free and fire resistance.It has greatly improved the security of the people's palace, the lack of pollution and line integrity, and is suitable for the people's palace of Chad project.