ASI is standardized Europe-wide in EN 50295 and internationally in IEC 62026-2.Network system for the lowest field level (binary sensors and actuators). Data and energy are transmitted between control unit and peripherals via an unscreened, geometrically coded two-core flat cable (pole safe). The conductor is contacted by piercing technology within the ASI-modules. The special outer jacket provides protection against bio-oil, grease, and refrigerant lubricants, and the cable is therefore even suitable for applications in wet surroundings, in machinery and plant construction, as well as in the machine tool and automotive industry.


Type/Area of Application

Actuator Sensor Interface

Cable Construction

2x1.5 mm2

Inner Conductor Diameter

Copper, tinned

Conductor Insulation

Rubber Compound /TPE

Conductor Colors

Blue, brown

Stranding Element




Shielding 2


Total Shielding


Outer Jacket Material

PVC(static installation)
EPDM/PUR(flexible installation)
TPE(continuous flexible installation)

Outer Jacket Color

Yellow /Black

Electrical Data

Conductor Resistance:

13.7Ohm/km max.

Insulation Resistance

1.00 GOhm x km min.

Working Voltage

Max: 300 V

Test Voltage

2 KV core to core

Technical Data


approximately 57.0 kg/km

Min. Bending Radius (Laying)

6 x OD mm

Operating Temp.Range


- 30 °C~ 90°C(PVC)
- 40 °C~ 105°C(Other material)