Ethiopia-Kenya Converter Station Project


Sodo–Moyale–Suswa High Voltage Power Line (or Ethiopia–Kenya HVDC Interconnector) is a 500 kV bipolar high-voltage direct current electricity power transmission line, under construction, connecting the Wolayta converter station (6°54′27″N 37°43′19″E) near Sodo, Ethiopia with the Suswa converter station (1°3′44″S 36°21′35″E) near Suswa, Kenya.

This power line serves one major purpose. It will enable Ethiopia to transfer surplus electricity to Kenya, for sale to the countries of the East African Community and the Great Lakes Region. The power generated in Ethiopia is less expensive than that generated in Kenya, and the new energy purchases are expected to lower the general power tariffs in Kenya and promote industrial growth in the country.

The entire power line in both countries is budgeted at KSh126 billion (approximately US$1.26 billion). Funding was sourced from the World Bank and the African Development Bank, the principal financier. Completion is expected in June 2019. In August 2018, The EastAfrican reported that at that time, 75 percent of the work in Kenya was complete, while simultaneously, 90 percent of the work in Ethiopia was complete, with commissioning expected in 2019.

ADDIAON had supported this project with CCECC ETHIOPIA CONSTRUCTION P.L.C, for three systems, Grounding materials, Electrode cables, Electrical auxiliaries, and provided copper tapes, welding materials, section feeder and well feeder cables, rod cables for FeSiCr ground electrode, power cables, data cables and fiber optic cables.