Lotus Tower


Lotus Tower, is a tower 350 m (1,150 ft) high, located in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It has been called a symbolic landmark of Sri Lanka. As of 2019, the tower is the tallest self-supported structure in South Asia; the second tallest structure in South Asia after the guy-wire-supported INS Kattabomman in India; the 11th tallest tower in Asia and the 19th tallest tower in the world. It was first proposed to be built in the suburb of Peliyagoda but later the Government of Sri Lanka decided to change the location. The lotus-shaped tower is used for communication, observation and other leisure facilities. Construction cost $104.3 million, funded by EXIM Bank of People's Republic of China. The tower was opened to the public on the 16 September 2019 by President Maithripala Sirisena, seven years after the project.

Building a TV tower of one's own country has always been the wish of the Sri Lankan people. Now that this dream is about to become a reality, all the people of Sri Lanka will be excited about it. Lotus TV Tower will provide more than 50 channels of TV and radio programs, and provide communication services for more than 20 telecom companies, which will greatly promote the development of Sri Lanka's radio and television industry.

The Lotus TV Tower is a comprehensive entertainment center integrating conferences, exhibitions, hotels, catering, sightseeing and leisure. It will become an important tourist attraction and an international conference center in Colombo, a new landmark in Colombo, and a symbol of peace, development and prosperity in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country. The shape of the lotus pagoda embodies the local people's pursuit and yearning for the pure land, and implies a prosperous and peaceful future for Sri Lanka.

ADDIAON had supplied LSZH sheathed fire resistant and flame retartant power cables to China Construction Second Engineering Bureau Ltd. for this great project in the year of 2017.